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Transient over-voltage SPDs

Transient over-voltage SPDs are designed to reduce the risk of damage to electrical and electronic systems and equipment from the secondary effects of indirect lightning and switching transients generated downstream of the lightning current SPDs. They should be installed locally to protect critical electrical and electronic equipment, or where cables enter or leave a building when there is no structural lightning protection system in place.

The purpose of transient overvoltage SPDs is to further reduce the R1 risk of loss of human life and the R2 risk of loss of services to the public, and to minimise the consequential financial losses incurred as a result of damage to critical equipment.

Transient over-voltage SPDs should be selected in accordance with the level of lightning protection for the building as determined by the risk assessment to BS EN 62305 Part 2. The SPDs should conform to the requirements of the BS EN 61643 series of documents for the 8/20┬Ás test wave form. They should be positioned accordingly and co-ordinated with the service entry lightning current SPDs, as described in BS EN 62305 Part 4.

Please go to the surge protection section of the Omega Red Group Product Catalogue or contact us for further information or assistance with your transient over-voltage SPD requirements.


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