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Earthing inspection and testing

Inspection and testing

Inspection and testing of earth electrode systems is essential to ensure they remain in a safe and effective condition. Poorly maintained systems can result in higher earth rise potentials, than those initially calculated, resulting in higher touch and step voltages being present potentially making the site unsafe.

Many factors, including corrosion and theft, can affect the efficiency of an earth electrode system over its life. It is recommended that the overall combined resistance to earth of the buried earth electrode system is measured every five years, in line with current best industry practice.

As part of ongoing maintenance, Omega recommends that all systems are visually inspected and individual electrodes are measured annually.

Our nationwide specialist inspection, testing and maintenance engineers enable us to test earth electrode systems, assess their condition and make recommendations for improvement to bring systems in line with the required standards.

inspection of earthing
earthing system design

Omega offer the following inspection and testing services:

  • Earth continuity measurements
  • Touch and step voltage assessments
  • Compliance and gap analysis of existing systems
  • Non-intrusive electrode measurements
  • D.C. earth resistance measurements (fall of potential method)
  • A.C. impedance measurements
  • Inspection and testing of joints and connections
  • Condition assessments