Lightning Protection Design

Omega Red is the UK Market Leader in Lightning Protection services systems and design


The starting point in lightning protection system design is an assessment and calculation of the actual risks, from lightning-related damage, faced by a building owner or occupier.

The risk management process determines whether or not lightning protection measures are required, as described in BS EN 62305-2. Protection against lightning is required if the calculated risk is greater than the tolerable (acceptable) risk. Conversely, if the calculated risk is lower, protective measures are not required.

A lightning protection system designed and installed to the latest British standard serves to reduce the risk of damage to a structure, the people in and around it and the systems on and within it. All Omega Red Group employees that design lightning protection systems have proven knowledge of BS EN 62305. This design competence is accredited independently by the Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists (ATLAS).

Irrespective of your building type or business operation, Omega can design a system of protective measures to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

design height safety
We can design a height safety system for your building

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