Lightning Protection Inspection & Testing

Omega Red is the UK Market Leader in Lightning Protection services systems and design

Inspection & Testing

Regular inspection and testing is essential, to ensure that lightning protection systems remain in a safe and effective condition; in accordance with the relevant British standard. A system which is not properly maintained might not be effective in discharging lightning safely to ground; or prevent currents and overvoltages from damaging electrical systems and equipment.

Omega’s nationwide fleet of inspection and testing engineers are fully competent in undertaking the detailed inspection and testing of all lightning protection systems. Omega recommends that inspections are conducted every 11 months, to take account of seasonal variations, ensuring that clients’ lightning protection systems are effective at all times. Omega will provide certificates of inspection detailing our findings, plus details of any repairs required to return systems to a serviceable condition.

lightning protection test
maintenance of lightning protection systems (lps)

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