Lightning Protection

Omega Red is the UK Market Leader in Lightning Protection services systems and design


Lightning flashes to, or nearby, structures are hazardous to people, to the structures themselves, their contents and installations. The possible types of damage are injury to living beings due to step and touch voltage; physical damage (fire, explosion, mechanical destruction, chemical and radiological release) due to lightning current effects and failure of internal systems due to lightning electromagnetic impulse (LEMP). This is why the application of lightning protection measures can be essential. The need for protection, the economic benefits of selecting and installing adequate protection measures should be determined in terms of risk management.

However, the decision to provide lightning protection can be taken regardless of the outcome of risk assessment, where there is a desire that there be no avoidable risk; or where protection against lightning is required by the authority having jurisdiction.

As the recognised market leader, Omega Red Group Ltd offer current and prospective clients help, to evaluate the risk of suffering the effects of lightning; plus the design of British standard compliant lightning protection systems.

Omega is able to offer a turnkey service from initial site survey, risk assessment, material supply, installation, inspection and testing, and ongoing maintenance.

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Lightning strikes in February
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