FAQ’s – Surge Protection

  • Surges are high magnitude voltage peaks of only microseconds duration
  • Direct and indirect lightning strikes are the most common source
  • They are also created with the switching of large inductive or capacitive electrical loads within buildings
  • Surge protection devices perform two functions; they divert partial lightning currents and limit transient overvoltages
  • Both can be as a result of lightning activity
  • Surge protection devices are required wherever there is a BS EN 62305 structural lightning protection system and where there are services that enter or leave a structure
  • They are also required where it is necessary to protect electrical installations against transient overvoltages of atmospheric origin transmitted by the supply distribution system; as described in BS 7671
  • Surges can be the result of direct lightning strikes to the power distribution system and where switching overvoltages are generated by equipment within an installation
  • Surge protection devices should be inspected and tested as part of the overall lightning protection inspection and testing regime
  • Low voltage power SPDs should also be inspected as part of the periodic inspection and testing requirements of BS 7671
  • It is perfectly acceptable to use different manufacturer’s surge protection devices on the same project, providing that the designer of the system takes account of the parameters involved
  • Omega engineers have the competence and experience to install surge protection devices
  • Our SMSTS and City & Guilds 2382-18 trained engineers have the knowledge and experience to install surge protection devices; in a safe, competent and efficient manner
  • Surge protection devices can be installed to all existing electrical power and data systems, irrespective of their age
  • Omega engineers can carry out detailed site surveys to assess any surge protection requirements and provide reports detailing a best-engineered solution
  • Omega engineers have the competence and experience to install all surge protection devices, to an existing installation

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